101-year-old woman adopts shelter’s oldest cat to heal her broken heart after she lost her pet

A grandmother whose name was Penny was an old woman when her beloved cat passed away., she couldn’t get away with grief.

Her relatives decided to look for a friend for Penny, so they were led to the Human Society organization for homeless animals.

They surely knew who they can offer to woman. A cat named Gus was already nineteen years old, his family took him to shelter due to reasonable conditions.

Happy senior woman holding her tabby cat cat

Hopefully, right after the arrival of the center, the cat was seen and adopted by Penny’s family, at first, the director was scared to give him to someone of the same age, but Penny’s family assured him that he will be well taken care of, and surrounded with love and attention.

And eventually, the documents were quickly prepared and sent to Penny’s home together with Gus. The employees of the center stated that it was a union made in heaven, as they were perfect for each other.

Happy senior woman holding her tabby cat cat

They soon started to have lots of time together, Gus slept right next to Penny. It was love from first sight.

A nineteen-year-old mature pet became the new best friend for the old woman. This is how an unexpected situation became the reason for a beautiful bond.