20-Year-Old Dog Can’t Fall Asleep Without Hugging And Kissing Her Stuffed Banana!

What a sweetie! Not too many dogs reach the age of 20! She is beautiful sweet baby girl she wants to snuggle up with her toy stuffed banana to be comfortable while she sleeps at night

Every baby loves stuffed animals, and this cute pup is no exception! It is very happy to sleep with a stuffed animal or pillow because it makes you feel safe and cozy. Tessa, a hound-hybrid girl 20 years old, is overjoyed to have a stuffed banana friend to go with her from puppyhood to adulthood!

For five years, Tessa has been devoted to her toy banana. After another dog destroyed Tessa’s previous favorite toy, her mother, Shanna Loren, gave her this banana as a replacement. This wonderful new friend quickly rekindled the little girl’s broken heart!

To others, it might just be a plain stuffed animal, but Tessa views it as something special and priceless! Everyone in the family adores the adorable dog, but they are all aware that Tessa will always have her “stuffed banana friend” on her lap. Any other visitors will always receive a very generous display of her prized possession from her.

It was funny how she was deaf and the guests had to yell at her, “I LIKE YOuR BaNaNa, Tessa!” She wouldn’t stop displaying her banana to the guests. She didn’t stop until that point.

It’s never too late to love someone or something, as Tessa taught us! She values the stuffed banana as highly as she does her own life. May these two always be together!

Bless her heart! She loves to cuddle with her stuffed banana!! She is gorgeous at 20 years old!! Must be all the love and great care she gets!

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