A beast remains a beast, even if born and raised in civilization. It’s just that as long as it is directly controlled by a person, reflexes and instincts are dormant. But we should dwell on how yesterday’s “hairy bunny” turns into a rare scoundrel whose purpose is to wreak havoc on the territory entrusted to him. Then he will become compliant and gentle again, but the lesson will not be forgotten!

He himself does not know why he did it

She tries her best to ignore him

He stole it and hid it, and he knew exactly where to look for it!

A parrot who did nothing wrong. He just sat and diligently farted.

How difficult it is to take a cute photo with cats!

It is more upsetting to lose NOT ice cream, but trust! To the sky, to animals, to nature in general.

You should have cleaned your keyboard a long time ago, I’m helping

And he still got it, a herbivorous parasite!

Traces of battle wounds, no different. Guess what kind of beast left them?

The puppy chose one of the largest bills to play with

Important meeting? A conversation with a client? Correspondence with counterparties? The main thing is to show everyone how the cat’s butt is arranged!

And this dog destroys the training manual itself

This is called “caught in the act”!

The flower in the pot just self-destructed, that’s what happens. The dog is useless.

Didn’t expect this? And now, you will know what an innocent turtle is capable of.

Clung with his claws and does not let go, only strengthens his grip. Look, the owner!

He knows perfectly well where his claw is hanging. But the new chairs are much more interesting!

A small gang of chickens will “ennoble” any neighborhood plot! Not expensive!

The cat is not so stupid as to confuse a couch with a bowl of apricots, so we draw conclusions

Who are you to give you a paw?

The first experience was the most memorable