Dramatic Husky’s First Visit To A Groomer Goes Viral

We all love dogs for different reasons. Some of us love them because they are there for us through thick and thin and others love the protection they provide.

For the owner of Fredo, however, it’s because of all of the enjoyment he brings to his owner every single day of his life.

Although there are many things that could be said about this delightful dog, one of the things that was recently shared was Fredo’s first visit to the groomers.

Admittedly, not all dogs love the water and this 10-month old pup is no different.

They visit Girl with the Dogs for the grooming session and it isn’t long before the hilarity starts.

Fredo is well-equipped with a safety chain but he also has the ability to turn the water off and to protest by using his voice.

The singing that this dog does is sure to bring you to tears, not sad tears, but happy tears because you will be laughing. The groomer even called Fredo the most dramatic husky that she has ever worked on.

As they say, all’s well that ends well and this dog may have thrown a tantrum, but he looks fantastic as he walks out of the groomer.

Watch it for yourself in this video: