35 Pounds of Matted Fur From a Severely Mistreated Dog Discovered Confined Inside a Barn Were Removed

When their neighbor developed a fatal illness, the nice neighbor became concerned. The fact that their ailing neighbor had a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees who was permanently confined to a barn was more worrisome.

The couple of groomers the good Samaritan knew were contacted, and they went to check on the dog. The state of the dog astounded the groomers.

The poor dog also appeared to be in horrible health, and the barn was incredibly dirty. The dog’s enormous, matted coat was the most striking aspect. The dog could hardly stand because the coat was so heavy.

” The squalor in which this dog lived is beyond comprehension, and no words can adequately describe the tragedy. He received his food and drink by being simply thrown over by his owner.

The dog was instantly shaved by the groomers. When he first saw the clippers, he was anxious, but soon he was at ease. He seems to realize that the groomers were trying to assist him.

Jessica Kincheloe, one of the groomers, told The Dodo: “He seemed fine with human contact but didn’t appear accustomed to it. He quickly warmed up to us. particularly after giving out goodies.

The little dog was shaved and then transported to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, where he will reside going forward. The dog looks much better now. He was given the name Lazarus there.