Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Dog Tossed Into Rushing Waters By Heartless Owner

When someone spotted a dog trapped in Lake Wister Dam, Oklahoma, they knew they had to do something. The only way the dog could’ve gotten there is if she swam upstream or was thrown in by someone who didn’t want her. The latter seemed most likely.

A woman named Madison Reneè posted a video of the dog to ask for help. Soon, several people came but realized that the dam was too deep for them to get into. However, the dog was struggling to stand her ground. She could’ve been swept away by the current at any moment, so she needed a miracle.

Luckily, help was on the way!
A volunteer firefighter named Aaron Capell saw the post online and reached out to fellow firefighters for assistance. A group of over eight rescuers arrived with a boat to rescue the dog. They tied a rope to Capell’s boat and then pushed it further into the dam to get close to the dog. Capell sat on the boat as it went into the water.

The rescuers asked the Army Corps to shut off the dam during the rescue to reduce the flowing water. When Capell reached the pup, he said she was hesitant to accept help.

Scared, skittish. I talked to her and eventually, she let me pet her,” Capell said.

Eventually, he gained the dog’s trust and pulled her onto the boat. The people on the shore helped pull the boat out of the water, so the dog was finally safe. Mike Young, one of the other rescuers, took the fluffy white dog to the Poteau Valley Humane Society.

A Forever Home Awaits!
The dog’s rescue video touched many people, so the pup (now known as Grace) had several adoption applications in no time. After lots of consideration, James and Paula Watson were chosen to adopt Grace. They recently lost one of their rescue dogs, and they fell in love with Grace’s story.


“She ran to James immediately and that told us that we made the right decision,” Paula said. “She adopted us as well and that’s always good.”

Grace’s story had a happy ending, but she’s not the only dog that needs saving. Porteau Valley Humane Society has plenty of other animals looking for forever homes, so if you’re looking for a new family member, consider adopting a dog in need.

Watch the Heroic Rescue Here:

H/T: 5newsonline.com
Featured Image: Facebook