A beautiful kitten was born with a heart-shaped pattern on her breast.

Cat Cleo is a real celebrity. While they strive to reach the pinnacle of glory, this feline has already captured the hearts of thousands of people. And she didn’t have to work very hard to do this.

She was born with all the tools she would need to succeed as a megastar. When Cleo was born, her uniqueness was originally disregarded. Up until her prospective owner knocked on the door.

Jennie had only planned to have one cat, but when she saw a little heart on her sister Cleo’s breast, she was powerless to refuse. The two furry friends chose to live together as a consequence.

When she was little, Cleo was quiet and shy but yet adoring. when this curious cat has the chance to experiment. The owner notes, “Her curiosity has already caused her to enter a full bath five times.”

Each cat gets along with the other. In their free time, they like playing hide & seek in boxes. The fluffy ones’ Instagram account has 76 thousand followers.

Cleo’s pictures get the most likes on Valentine’s Day; it seems as though she was created to represent the holiday.