A dog decided to adopt and raise stray kittens as his own.

Three weeks ago, a woman from Maryland took her dog for a stroll. It turned out to be cloudy outside, and she unexpectedly heard a voice close by. Following the sound, she and her pet came across a little red cat.

The dog did not even attempt to calm down while the girl held him in her arms; instead, Bambo ran off to the courtyard’s back corner. Among the wet, fallen leaves, two other kittens were lying. The kittens were probably left since the mother cat wasn’t present.

The kittens were hurried to the doctor by Marie. The woman took them home after they had been inspected there. She prepared a cozy space for them and covered them with a blanket.

With their white and crimson coats, the kittens were all really lovely. Bambo immediately began to circle around them, taking every precaution conceivable.

The kittens turned out to be really adorable and quick. When they opened their eyes, they immediately started playing again, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

These cats loved their foster father and spent all of the dog’s free time with him, especially when he napped or cuddled up to him.