A Dog Saved His Human By Alerting Him To A Fire He Had Been Behind The Wall For Days

When Drew Smith, a 41-year-old engineer from San Diego, adopted Carl from a San Diego animal shelter in Bonita, California, he thought he was saving the life of the homeless dog, but in the end, Carl would be the one saving him from a life-threatening fire, as the dog sensed the danger and saved both his human and himself.

According to the owner, the 4-year-old dog began to seem frightened and restless, even oddly and uncomfortably. Drew claims his dog walker phoned him the day before the fire to advise that Carl was acting strangely and refused to enter the house.

Drew didn’t immediately notice the behavior, but when Carl woke him up at 1 a.m. with barking and licking, he could no longer ignore him.

Drew stated: “He’s not a very vocal dog. I didn’t even know he could bark for the first three weeks since I hadn’t heard it.” The man knew what Carl was terrified of when he turned on the lights.

Carl escaped unscathed despite the fact that the entire level was covered with smoke. Firefighters subsequently said Drew was fortunate since the fire had been latent on the walls for days.

Drew claims to have had a sore throat and headaches that week, but only Carl saw the danger lurking beyond the walls.

He said that he almost didn’t adopt Carl because he was concerned about the dog’s dental issues, which may result in significant medical expenditures.

Drew stated: “I’m pleased I saw past whatever physical imperfections he could have had. Who knows what might have happened if I had awoken?”