A herσic cat sacrifices his life tσ save twσ children frσm a deadly snake attack

A cat sacrifices itself to save the lives of two children who were about to be attacked by a snake. Without the intervention and bravery of this cat, the child could have succumbed to the bite of the most dangerous snake in the country.

The drama unfolded in Queensland, Australia, earlier this month. A hero cat sacrificed the last of his nine lives to save his humans’ children. He was the one bitten by Australia’s most dangerous snake.

The brother and sister were playing in the garden with their cat when an eastern brown snake approached them. It is also the most venomous land snake in the world behind the desert Taipan. The Eastern Brown is known for its aggressive nature and speed. It is thought to be responsible for around 60% of fatal snakebites in Australia.

The cat did not hesitate for a second to act
“Heroes come into our lives in all shapes and sizes! said the veterinary clinic in a Facebook post paying tribute to Arthur, this hero cat. The adorable Shorthair was playing with his family in the garden when a brown snake slithered towards the youngest child.

Arthur did not hesitate to act and he jumped on the snake to kill it immediately.

Indeed, a few moments after the fight of which he was the winner, the cat collapsed on the ground, unable to move. He quickly regained his senses a few minutes later.

His masters did not know that the latter was bitten in the attack. The next day Arthur fainted again, his handlers immediately took him to the emergency veterinary services in Tanawha. Unfortunately, the faithful companion succumbed to his injuries.

Arthur sacrifices himself to save the lives of two children
In the rush after the attack to get the children out of harm’s way, Arthur’s parents and handlers failed to notice that the cat had been bitten by the snake. Arthur passed out, but he quickly regained his senses as if nothing had happened. His masters were reassured to see him acting as usual.

Alas Arthur fainted again the next day, so this time his handlers immediately took him to the veterinary services emergency room in Tanawha. Unfortunately the venom was taking away Arthur and he was too advanced for him to heal.

His family is devastated by the loss of their little hero. They did not want to leave his bedside in the hospital.

A rain of tribute
This sudden and tragic loss broke the hearts of the whole family: “His family remembers him fondly and is eternally grateful to him for saving the children’s lives. Arthur was always doing stupid things, he had already visited us several times. The whole team loved him,” the veterinary clinic posted on Facebook.

Following this publication, hundreds of people paid tribute to the little hero: “Rest in peace my old man, you deserved it”, “Oh Arthur what a brave little man! “, “RIP Arthur, you are a real hero”.