A stray kitten who has fallen in love with a dog continues visiting him.

Animals are viewed by many people as being more than just pets. Everything in this household changed when a dog entered the picture.

Their lives were completely flipped upside down when their husbands bought a puppy. The dog was quite active, according to Puppy’s owner.

After the puppy arrived, there was laughing all around their house once more. A close neighbor’s garage housed a freshly acquired kitty. He made the decision to take the puppy for a walk as a consequence.

The puppy’s appearance outdoors gave the cat the opportunity to play and snuggle with him. The owner knew their pal would be waiting for them when they returned from their walk.

The dog and cat developed a sincere friendship. The dog kept requesting to see the cat. The longer it took, the more difficult it was to split apart the pals.

One day, when it started to rain, the owner saw the kitten waiting for them in the pouring rain. It was tough to remain objective while viewing it.

He was relieved to be at a friend’s place despite being soaking from the rain. The owners claim that the cat purred for two days.