Even though the defeated dog is curled up next to a rock, she is fixated on the opposite side of the road. when the owner has already left and will never return to pick her up.

A neighbor phoned me when she saw the abandoned dog here. She was afraid of dogs therefore she refrained from approaching.

The dog has been left here since early in the morning, and despite contacting many neighbors, no one seemed to be familiar with her whereabouts. She was most likely abandoned by the unknown person who had bound her to the stone.

Considering that they were afraid that they would be pursued and followed back to their home. Although the dog is in excellent health, her body has to be cleaned up since it smells terrible.

She loves it and is enjoying herself. Following the publication of our pictures of the stray dog

accompanied by the phrase “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!”

On social media, thousands of individuals asked about her theft, and they all voiced astonishment and rage!

Dogs have traditionally been considered to be a man’s greatest friend since they constantly support us, keep an eye on us, and share in all of our joys and sorrows.

So you don’t have to call them “Unlucky Dogs” and ignore them!

That behavior is very wrong and reprehensible! Please get in touch with us if you have any information about that dishonest owner.

If you have any information about her! Justice must always be served, and we are working hard to identify the offender. to prosecute them and bring them to justice!