After losing her parents and aunt the woman is at the edge of losing her dog – complete stranger pays for the expensive surgery

Pets can mean the world to humans. They are not just house animals but relatives to us who share our happiness and loss. Yet, not everyone can pay for the expensive surgeries in case their pets have health issues.

In this story, a woman named Teresa Boeklem from Westminster, Colorado personally suffered the disaster of the COVID-19. The virus took the lives of Teresa’s parents and aunt. She was devastated and heartbroken.

And in her hard time, it was her dog Chloe that supported her. She received love and warmth from the compassionate and loyal dog.

Teresa fell into a worse situation when one day she realized that her dog didn’t respond. After a vet visit, it turned out that the dog had an autoimmune blood disorder.

The good part of the story was that Chloe could be saved but only after a blood transfusion procedure that cost expensive. Teresa was so upset realizing she didn’t have $2000 to pay for the bills.

She couldn’t believe that now she was losing her only relative – Chloe. She felt all alone on the planet.

Soon, a miracle happened. After sharing Chloe’s story online, a complete stranger contacted Teresa and offered her help. Teresa couldn’t believe her ears.

The cost of the blood transfusion and other expenses were all covered by the person who preferred to stay anonymous.

Thanks to the kind human, Teresa continues to live with her lovely dog. Nowadays we need more of these types of humans!