Baby Boy Grows Up Falling Asleep Snuggled Into His Furry Brother

Samson, the Golden Doodle, loves his baby brother so much. If you can’t imagine how much, then you must watch the video!

The love pours right out from your screen and into your heart! His human brother doesn’t just put up with Samson, he basks in his affection.

Screenshot via YouTube
Many people are hesitant to put their children this close to their dogs. And that’s okay! Unless this activity is closely monitored, we do not recommend partaking in it. But as you can see, Samson’s parents are always nearby. In fact, Samson’s favorite baby in the whole wide world is so used to snuggling with Samson that he will cry for his big fluffy brother when it’s nap time.

ove is the most natural thing in the world and as dog owners, we know firsthand that our pups have so much love to give. Their loyalty is unwavering just as their devotion is. And that doesn’t change as the sweet baby grows into a toddler!