Baby Goat Can’t Stand On Her Own, Leans On Dog Who Inspires Her To Run

A baby goat named Pisa has a neurological condition that affects her balance. She was unable to stand on her own but she found the perfect “crutch” to get her through, as well as inspire her to stay strong. We cannot get enough of this adorable duo!

Rescue dog, Colton, has tons of patience for Pisa. His love certainly runs deep. Pisa has learned to lean on her best friend to help her get around. The baby goat was born with a neurological condition that made standing and moving about nearly impossible. This was devastating to Pisa. She wanted to play and interact with the other animals. It wasn’t fair that they were able to run around and she couldn’t.

Screenshot via YouTube
Of course, like an active toddler, Pisa didn’t just want to stand and walk– she wanted to run! Pisa lives on a beautiful farm sanctuary where they are equipped to deal with her disability. Her human, Susan, does an amazing job helping Pisa, especially when she got the baby goat her very own wheelchair! But she still loves spending time with Colton every chance she gets. See! Pisa is a dog lover too!

Screenshot via YouTube
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