Brave dog protects scared toddler from the vacuum cleaner

Toddler’s Scared Of Vacuum, as a result she tries to hide. Vacuum will always be an enemy for animals, including dogs. As soon as they hear its strange noise, pets try to run and hide. Their favorite places to hide in such situations are: under the bed or high places impossible to reach by the ‘fear device’.

I do not think animals are to blame. Have you listened attentively to the sound of the vacuum? It gives me the impression of a strong tornado which is ready to swallow you. And probably to take you away from family and loved ones. Ugg terrible.

What if your dog is scared, but the desire to defend someone is greater? Then he will try to be brave, in order to protect the other person / animal. Such a thing happened to the protagonists of our video because toddler’s Scared Of Vacuum.

As soon as the device is turned on, the little girl runs towards her hero, the family dog. Husky is not running but you can see the fear in his eyes and the way he is standing. Yet he stays in place, unmoved and unresponsive, giving strength and support to his little friend. The two adorably comfort each other until it’s all over. How sweet!

This story reminded me how much I love animals. Animals are so sincere, they never have negative intentions towards us. With this in mind, I suggest you help and stay close to the animals by giving them lots of care and love. What frightens your dog? Tell us in the comments, and send us their most prominent videos.