Brodie’s Face Disfigured After Being Attacked By His Mother, Now Lives With Love

Amanda Richter wanted to adopt a rescue dog so she decided to check her news feed on Facebook to see if she could find a dog in the local rescues around and in Red Deer, Alberta. That’s when she saw a dog called Brodie that stayed on his mind. The reason why Brodie stayed in her mind was that his tongue peeks out of his mouth and his face is unusually lopsided as he was bitten by his mama for unknown reasons when he was just 13 days old.

His facial deformity left him with a partially blind eye. The dog was surrounded to Old MacDonald Kennels & Animal Services by his previous family, they were trying to find a forever home for the Border Collie/German Shepherd mix.

So, Amanda and Brad Ames, her partner, went to see the dog. And after spending some time with him, they asked to adopt him. The shelter decided that Amanda Brad’s home would be a good fit for Brodie, who already had many interested potential adopters.

Brodie has a wonderful personality, and is well adjusted, despite his associated health complications and deformities, he is partially blind and has trouble breathing.

Thanks to Amanda and her partner who decided to give Brodie another chance in life.