Crying Dog Put His Head At Man’s Hand And Desperately Begs To Be Rescued From the Dog Meat Market

The dog recognized the kind person right away! holds on to him. It is evident right away that his life was not enjoyable! Excellent ponytail and appreciation! I’m grateful you saved him, writes androdass

To live with this kind of person who abuses these animals makes me want to die A cost of these unjustified beings must be paid.

I’m from the Brazilian Amazon, and I thank you for saving that animal.

What a revolting country it is that treats animals in such a cruel way.

You’ll pay a lot in this country with you. Deus wills.

animal assassination band.

Nobody in Brazil consumes chicken meat.

When God returns, you will pay.

Thank you for taking action to save this animal.


I was inconsolable over this. People must receive education. All of their lives, they give their hearts to you. Dogs are devoted, and you become their entire universe. They’ll sacrifice their life for you.

I appreciate you saving this dog so much. I started to cry over it.