Cute care: it seems to bunnies that the Golden Retriever is their mother, and hug her

Some animals are often chosen as the mother of the first oncoming.

Golden retrievers are stunningly beautiful dogs with smooth standard golden yellow wool and charming muzzles. But extremely rarely a dog is so gentle and sweet as Bailey!

She is a wonderful mother, full of patience and desire to love her children.

She loves these little creatures and really wants to become a wonderful mother! When these naughty kids climb on her and find the perfect place for a nest in her wool, she does not feel at all uncomfortable or depressed.

Bailey plays mom not with one or two small bunnies, but with 22. Charming bunnies feel safe and play next to Bailey.

Bailey treats these bunnies, as if they are her own, sniffing, hugging, rocking them to fall asleep, and even cleans them like a real mother of a rabbit!


At that moment, when Bailey and her rabbits divided and melted millions of hearts, it was extremely cute!

Bailey has a weakness. They are fantastic friends!

Watch the video below to see how amazing Bailey is with bunnies and birds; I hope this will brighten up your day!