Dalmatian Mistakes Spotted Horses For His Biological Family

Dogs might not be able to see every color, but they can see black-and-white patterns with ease. So, a Dalmatian named Jack Sparrow is quick to spot other animals that have the same spotted pattern as him. He’s drawn to animals that look like him, and he seems to think they’re his family members. Yet, those animals aren’t always other dogs.

Jack Sparrow has declared himself part of a horse family, and the horses are white with black spots just like him. He started as the third wheel of a horse duo, but now he has befriended many horses at his family’s horse academy.

A Canine Third Wheel
Jack Sparrow is part of the Human & Horse Academy in the Netherlands. They focus on training horses, and many of the horses at the academy have a similar pattern to the Dalmatian.

The pup quickly bonded with Nevada, a 9-year-old Appaloosa stallion, and Napoleon, a 5-year-old Shetland pony. Both horses have white hair with black spots just like Jack Sparrow. So, he instantly felt drawn to them.


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“When Jack Sparrow saw Napoleon for the first time as a puppy, he started to jump towards him, because he thought Napoleon was his family, and since then he always wanted to be around him,” Greetje Hakvoort, the founder of the academy, said. “Nevada and Jack are both calm, they like to be around each other, and love to do tricks for me together, while Napoleon is really funny and definitely lives up to his name, having a strong temperament and acting like a little king”

When the horses are doing tricks or riding with humans, Jack Sparrow often tags along. He doesn’t want to be left out during family adventures!

Dog running with horses

One of the Horses

There are several horses with similar patterns to Jack Sparrow, but he has always had the best connection with Nevada and Napoleon. He loves playing with all the horses and other dogs on-site, but these horses are the ones he hangs out with the most.

“They are real friends, and love to play and run together, but sometimes Napoleon likes to chase Jack. Their connection is easy to see, and Jack always wants to be with them in every picture and video,” Hakvoort said.

Group of spotted horses with dog

Even though another Dalmatian is living with them now, Jack still loves his horse friends more than anything. They’re an unlikely trio that warms the hearts of everyone who sees them. Plus, the photos of the three spotted animals next to each other are always beautiful!

Watch Them Play Together:

Featured Image: Facebook