Dog Loses Ears After Attack But Concerned Vet Tech Crochets Him A New Pair

Willy Wonka is an adorable two-year-old Pittie pup with a big smile, and he’s looking for his forever home. But Willy has a unique look that came about in a painful way. This poor guy lost his ears after his head got stuck in a fence, and dogs from the neighboring yard attacked him. His mangled ear flaps had to be amputated by emergency veterinarians. But Willy is still such a happy dog.

Because Willy looks a little different than the other dogs, one of the vet techs who cared for him worried potential adopters would overlook the sweet pup. So, with his crafty hands, John Holmquist crocheted a pair of ears to help Willy get noticed, and his plan worked.

A Happy Dog with New Ears
After the attack on Willy Wonka, he was taken into care by the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). And there, Willy and John met. While caring for the brave pup after his surgery, John really wanted to do something to help Willy find his forever.

“I was really worried that a bunch of people were going to see all of his extensive scarring and be really worried about his health or look over him or worry he’d be dog aggressive. I worried that he wouldn’t get a good home.” John explained to KRCA News. “In about an hour or two, just whipped him up something after some measurements and the next day just giggled to myself as I put it over his head.”

“He wasn’t really happy with the hat, but he’s a happy boy, so he was good enough to take a bunch of pictures for us.”

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When the Sacramento SPCA posted those photos to their social media accounts, dog lovers took quick notice, littering posts with love and likes.

“When you lose both of your ears after a dog attack, but your vet tech knits you new ones,” read the caption.

And John’s notion of helping Willy gain notice with the crocheted ears was a success, with John sharing, “As soon as he had that hat on, everyone was interested.”

Willy Becomes A Big Brother
In no time at all, Willy’s Facebook fame led to the perfect forever home. Not only was he adopted by a repeat rescuer, but he also became big brother to a Sacramento SPCA alumni! His new brother Zeus is on the shy side, so Willy’s shelter pals are hoping the “big earless marshmallow” will help bring out his inner spirit.

Best wishes to Willy and Zeus for a bright, loving future!

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Featured Image: Sacramento SPCA/Facebook