Dog strapped to sled and abandoned with 7 word note overcomes all odds

Older and senior dogs are the most likely to be abandoned and unfortunately, can be the hardest to find new forever homes for. Their owners might run into health or financial troubles that prevent them from continuing to care for their canine friends.

A pet is a lifetime commitment. You are committed to them through the duration of their life. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand this and heartlessly abandon their little friends who only want to be loved and cared for.

This is the heartwrenching story of one abandoned dog.
One day at New York’s Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association a dog was discovered in the yard near the front door. The dog was tied down with a rope and left sitting in the sled.

The scared dog had only a bowl of water and a 7-word note along with him.
The poor guy had been left there overnight. Can you imagine what such abandonment must feel like? This poor dog had no one in the world to care for them. The 7-word note he was left with didn’t contain one iota of care, love, or even concern.

The note read: “Over 10 years old. Can no longer walk.”
Just like that, the person abandoned their dog without a care in the world. Unfortunately, if the person was that heartless, they likely were a horrible pet owner in the first place.

Perhaps, there would be someone at Wanderer’s Humane Association that would finally give this guy the love he deserves.

They named him Perry
After what was likely a truly frightening night, he was discovered by staff at the center the next morning. They brought him inside and gave him a full medical check-up.

Then, they posted to Facebook to see if anyone recognized him:

“If anyone recognizes this dog please get in touch with us ASAP. He was left outside of our shelter at some point throughout the night tied down to the sled. The note left with him states: “Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk.” This is abandonment. If you can no longer care for your pet for any reason, give us a call and we can either directly help you or give you resources. Abandoning them is not the answer and will never be acceptable, especially one that can no longer walk.”

People saw the post and came forward to help with donations.
The center is funded entirely by private donors, and Perry required medical attention. They discovered that he was suffering from two tick-borne illnesses.

Perry also had a skin infection. Thankfully, however, they were able to get him the treatment he needed.

After being treated for his conditions, Perry began acting like a brand new dog! He was even able to walk a little bit again, albeit with a little bit of help. Over time, he has continued to improve.

Perry is getting the help and care he needs. The center posted the following regarding how Perry was submitted to the shelter:

“We do not know the situation of the individual that left this dog. If you need help with your pet we are always here to help in one way or another… even if we can’t take it directly from you we can help provide other options. Leaving a pet tied up outside leaves them susceptible to being injured by a multitude of things. We are a shelter, and while we will do everything in our power to help every animal that walks through our doors, we do not have unlimited resources. We do not have a vet on staff. We rely on donations. We can only hope that everyone who is in a situation where they feel they need to drop their pet off somewhere will call all of their local shelters/rescues and veterinary hospitals to look for other safer options first. We are blessed by the amount of support we are receiving from our community and together we will help this dog.”

Perry has shown tremendous progress while in foster care.
He can get up and down stairs and is melting the hearts of his caregivers with how well he is doing.

“He has started going up stairs on his own, though he still needs some support going down. I am always close by to be safe. He is walking better and faster. He is getting in and out of the car better. He still needs assistance, but it is so much improved. He is doing absolutely phenomenal with his rehab.”

Perry has been an absolute blessing in so many ways. He just gives off so much love. Perry loves to be around people! He always wants to greet everyone he sees. He is truly a sweet soul.

Thankfully, Perry is finally being given the care and love he deserves.

Learn more about Perry’s journey in the video below.
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