Elderly Chinese Women Wake Up At 4AM Every Day To Care For 1,300 Strays

A custom dog asylum in China takes care of 1,300 stray dogs every day. The entire organization is run by a group of elderly women who wake up at 4 AM to feed the dogs.

The women admit that the dogs aren’t always the friendliest, sometimes even getting bit and nipped at. But that has never stopped the ladies from continuing their work.

A group of elderly Chinese women wake up every morning at 4 AM to feed 1,300 stray dogs.

For the past six years, these women have devoted all of their time to these dogs. They even spend holidays caring for them.

“They’re like your children, you can’t bear to be apart from them, or to lose them.”

The shelter is run on donations only. The ladies prepare 400 kg of food per day!

They may not have much, but they do the absolute most with what they have.

While China often gets bad press concerning animals, there’s always another side to the story!

What a lovely story of a group of elderly women giving everything they’ve got and devoting all of their time to a bunch of stray dogs. Be sure to share this with your friends!