Farmers Are Heroes After Rescuing Two Drowning Clydesdale Horses Trapped in Frozen Lake


Rescue stories can quickly make us tear up and realize how great humanity can be. When farmers came across two Clydesdale horses stuck in a frozen lake, they rushed to help. Caught in a fight or flight moment, these farmers are now heroes.

Two Clydesdale horses broke out of their pasture and made their way onto the thin ice at Pine Grove lake. With the help of local farm manager Milton Mosier and the town’s first responders, everyone jumped into action to save the animals.

After falling through the thin ice, the first responders knew they had a massive task ahead of them. As the horses continue to try to stay above the water, the farmer and first responders could tell that the enormous animals were becoming exhausted.

You could only see the horse’s heads above the water. Professionals made a path using a boat and used rescue ropes to lead the horses to shore. Thankful for the help, Milton wishes he could’ve dove into the water and helped save them. Both horses are happy and healthy after the accident.