Fishtopher has recently been adopted and is moving on to live a happy life after becoming popular on Twitter.

Meet Fishtopher, a melancholy cat discovered on Petfinder.
Fishtopher found his forever home shortly after this photo of him became viral on social media. He now resides with his new family, Laura, and Tanner, who is Laura’s boyfriend.

“Fishtopher was extremely quiet and a little cautious when we first arrived home, but he rapidly warmed up to us,” Laura wrote.

“Now that Fishtopher has stability and tranquility, the new owner continued. There were a lot of sounds and other cats in the shelter, so I believe he was a little overstimulated.

Laura stated that Fishtopher is currently the single cat in her home.

Laura added, “We both started falling in love with the notion of having a new pet in our home. We are so grateful that we were able to adopt him. He is a wonderful cat that fits our lifestyle perfectly.

Laura concluded by saying, “We want to use Fishtopher’s celebrity to inspire more people to assist their neighborhood animal shelters.”