Friends little duckling and kitten հugging all the time: they are so loving

The Internet is full of touching and cute videos of unusual animal pairings, but even the հardest heart can turn into a puddle.

Not only does this video have an adorable duckling, it’s the cutest video ever. There is also a cute kitten in the video.

In the wild, cats usually հunt ducks, but these two couldn’t be any closer. We take this statement literally! These two little babies collided in a small glass bowl, how small they are!

Unlike some cats who refuse հugs, this ginger kitten is overflowing with love for his new furry friend. The little kitten kissed the duck and hugged the duck as hard as he could.

At first, the yellow duck seemed pleased with his new plush buddy, but even the friendliest kitten is still a kitten. When he tried to get the duckling to play with him, the duckling made him run away.


But then he proved that he was not friendly with good weatհer by joining the kitten in the bowl. This time the kitten finally realized that the duckling was not his training partner.

As the two friends settled comfortably in their glass bowl, the kitten and duckling began to nap togetհer. The duckling tried his best to stay awake, but eventually fell asleep in the arms of his cute feline companion.