German Shepherd Befriends Kitten Rescued from Car Wash Dumpster

Some unexpected bonds can surprise us as humans. Sometimes, that formed bond is between a cat and a dog as siblings. They protect each other, play with each other and sleep together!

That’s exactly what Anya the German Shepherd does with her baby sister, Munchie. But what Anya does with Munchie to get her to play is the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

Lori Knoble, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, rescued Munchie from a dumpster and she and Anya have been best friends ever since. One day, Lori’s husband told her about a kitten at the car wash. The kitten was living in the dumpster.

“One day at the car wash, my husband kept telling me, ‘There’s a kitten living in the dumpster.’ I couldn’t take it,” Lori said. “We caught her and brought her home.”

Since then, Lori and her husband nursed the kitten to good health and named her Munchie. From the beginning, Anya was smitten with the kitten. However, Munchie was shy and timid at first. Anya was determined to help break her out of her shell.

Anya was already a special pup and she even helps out around the house! She will take the laundry out of the dryer, carries small grocery bags, and throws garbage away. So this family is lucky enough to have a housekeeper pup who bonus, loves being a playmate for kitties.

We all have those little string toys with feathers, bells, and fake mice attached to them for our kitties to play with. But here, Anya loves to grab toys and hold them in her mouth for her so Munchie can play!

While Munchie was very scared of her new surroundings, Anya saw her thankfully playing with a string. So Anya started to pick it up and move it around for her to chase and catch. It certainly got the kitty out of her shell and warmed up to her new giant fuzzy sister.

“When we first brought Munchie the rescue kitten home, she was really scared and just stayed on the basement stairs. One day our dog Anya just picked up her toy and started playing with Munchie trying to get her to chase it. Since then, they play everyday.”

Video by Anya GSD:Munchie certainly isn’t afraid now! The video is too precious showing Anya and Munchie playing together.

“Anya is the one who truly helped Munchie not be afraid and helped her to adjust to her new life of living with us. She usually plays with her every morning, or whenever we leave the toy out laying around.”

Thank you Anya for being the “goodest” girl to your new baby sister! Extra treats for them both!