German Shepherd Loves Being The Babysitter For Orphaned Deer

The German Shepherd Dog is renowned for being intelligent, stately, devoted, and a great friend for both kids and adults. From the time they are puppies, this breed may be taught for a particular task; they can be therapy dogs, rescue dogs, or even police dogs.

The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that has a long history of performing amazing feats, including caring for injured and abandoned animals.

Sarge, a German Shepherd who resides in Ohio and is surrounded by wildlife, especially deer, is accustomed to it.

Sarge was a pretty cranky puppy when he was first born. Like any other puppy, he enjoyed biting his owner’s toes as a form of play, and he also enjoyed chasing his siblings around the home.

When his mother brought home an abandoned newborn deer named “Buckwheat” from the middle of the road, the 9-year-old German shepherd changed his mind.

Sarge’s mother, Cheryl Stephen, stated to The Dodo:

“Something ‘clicked’ in Sarge, and he immediately ingested the Buckwheat. He wished to participate in every facet of Buckwheat’s care. He assumed the position of Buckwheat’s protector. The baby was not to be in close proximity to any other canines.

Sarge merely offered to watch the children since Buckwheat had arrived at the house, and Buck felt secure with his new friend.

When Buckwheat learnt to use his paws, Sarge walked in time with the infant, guiding him away from peril while assisting him in exploring the territory.

In her words:

“Sargge walked by Buckwheat’s side as we led him outdoors, preventing him from getting lost. As Buckwheat grew older and began to travel more independently, Sarge was sent to find him and bring him home.

Buckwheat was finally returned to the wild, but news had already gotten around town that Cheryl and Sarge were caring for orphaned deer.

Sarge became ecstatic every time a new deer arrived, and Cheryl’s phone started ringing nonstop with information about animals in need.

In her words:

“Sarge starts acting when I enter the room with a deer. He furiously sniffs and sniffs in an effort to inspect them and ascertain his health. Sarge draws the deer and they feel secure around him. Sarge stays at his side all the time.