German Shepherd Rescued After Falling 12 Feet Into A Hole

We all know that dogs are resilient but a German Shepherd has taken it to the next level. It seems as if he fell down 12 feet into a large hole in California and was rescued, writes xaga

Lexi was playing with her owner when she fell into the 12-foot hole.It was at the south end of Fontana, where they are from. It seems as if Lexi likes to play hide and seek, and she took things a little too far.

I’ll be the first one to admit that dogs are a lot of fun to play with but they can also stress you out when they are hurt. Just like any other member of the family, our hearts go out to them and we want to help them in any way we can.

I’m sure that is how Lexi’s owner felt when she ended up in the bottom of a 12-foot hole.

Minutes must have felt like hours but fortunately, they were able to get Lexi out and she is now back in the home where she belongs.

The city of Fontana Police Department uploaded a report on Facebook, saying: “Animal Service Officers immediately asked for backup, and our wonderful firefighters assisted in rescuing Lexi from the large hole”

I know that they say a policeman’s job is one that has a lot of stress attached to it but there are also going to be times when it is rewarding as well.

They were able to rescue the dog out of the hole and surprisingly, she was unharmed. According to the video below, a police spokesperson said she has been reunited with her owner and is doing fine.