German Shepherd Who Saved Nearly 40 Lives During His 8-Year Police Career Gets The Honors He Deserves

It’s the end of a brilliant police career and the start of a new life for Luna, a heroic dog with dozens of missing person rescues to her credit. After retiring, she received an award for her valuable service.

The Thin Blue Paw Awards, organized by the foundation of the same name, reward police dogs in the United Kingdom who have distinguished themselves. During the 2022 edition held in September, it was a dog with a brilliant career and having recently retired who was honored, reported Good News Network.

This is Luna, a 10-year-old German Shepherd female. She lives with police officer Linda McBride, who has been her owner since she joined Scottish law enforcement in December 2012. McBride’s family includes 2 other active police dogs, a German Shepherd and a Cocker Spaniel. English in this case.

Luna returned to civilian life last June, ending a fine 8-year career during which she saved 38 human lives. The dog had, in fact, been trained to search for missing persons. She and Linda McBride were based in Larbert, a small town halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. To celebrate the canine’s retirement, the duo took a vacation by the sea.

“Luna would have continued working if it were up to her. She was an exceptional police dog to work with. When I learned that she had won the Lifesaver Award, I was blown away. I even cried, ”confided its owner.

One of these recent exploits took place in December 2019. Luna had set out to find a vulnerable man that her family had just lost sight of. The dog had followed her trail into thick brush, where she had discovered him in a state of hypothermia, but alive.

“A true source of inspiration”
4 years earlier, she had found the end of a finger torn off during a fight. Thanks to her, he had been able to be sent to the hospital, where the surgeons had worked to reattach him to the finger of the victim.

“It’s amazing to read all the stories where Luna literally saved someone’s life. She is truly an inspiration,” Kieran Stanbridge of the Thin Blue Paw Foundation said at the ceremony.

For Linda McBride, the female dog’s strength also lay in her ability to radically change “mode” depending on the situation. Thus, she could be as gentle and benevolent with the victims as she was determined and dissuasive in the face of the most dangerous criminals she had to face.