Golden Retriever Announcing Baby’s Gender Hailed as ‘Best Reveal Ever’ (VIDEO)

A gender reveals made public by a golden retriever revealing that his owners are expecting a girl has received praise from online reviewers as the best one they have ever seen.

Beau, the dog is seen patiently waiting to eat into a white frosted cake with “Boy or girl?” inscribed on the top in a viral video posted by @beaunosebones, a page dedicated to Beau the dog. A few seconds later, the movie changes into a series of pictures of Beau eating the cake and showing off the pink icing on his snout. There are the words “It’s a girl!” on the screen.


5.3 million people have viewed and 848,000 people have liked the TikTok video.



3,000 people have commented on the video

The owner claimed in the comments that the cake’s few ingredients and a specific design for dogs. Beau was fantastic with this despite having a very sensitive stomach, she exclaimed.

Since it was published on December 16th, the video has received almost 3,000 comments. Most said they had never seen a gender reveal like this one before and applauded the couple’s ingenuity.


An earlier Newsweek article discussed a father’s unfavorable response to learning he is having a girl. However, it was the complete opposite for Beau’s owners, who released another video of them having fun after cracking open a box of pink balloons.

Beau’s participation in the gender reveals announcement definitely impressed TikTokers. According to a YouGov survey, however, one-third of Americans believe that these events are “unnecessary.”

1.2 million of the market research firm’s registered members were polled in order to learn “what Americans truly think of gender reveal parties.” According to the findings, 30% of respondents believe they are “trendy,” while 28% believe they are “silly.”


Thousands of TikTokers have shown their support for the Beau video’s creators, with the top remark earning 31,500 likes.

It was “possibly the best gender reveal I’ve ever seen,” one commenter said. “Legitimate the finest gender reveal concept ever ever ever,” a second person chimed in.

Another user remarked, “The only gender revelation I’ve liked honestly [to be honest].”

Golden retriever eating cake