Golden Retriever Sniffs Out Owner Hiding Inside Sofa! (VIDEO)

A video of a dog finding its owner who had hidden within furniture went popular on TikTok, receiving 7 million views as of this writing.

The owner can be seen tucking herself inside a couch’s storage area before sealing it shut in the TikTok video posted from the @thegoldenellie account.

It smells like she’s [right] here but she’s not, said a note overlay on the video as a golden retriever was later seen jumping onto the sofa and pacing in place.

The dog was afterward seen using its nose to explore other areas of the room, including the sofa’s bottom, as phrases such as “keep breathing” and “the couch [ate] her” were overlaid on the video.




The International Journal of Comparative Psychology published a study in January 2020 that claimed: “olfaction [the sense of smell] is a primary sensory modality for dogs.”

The study discovered that “dogs habituated to a familiar odor and dishabituated to an unexpected odor” using natural body odor recorded on a T-shirt.


A licensed psychologist with expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Daniel Marston, stated in a September 2020 article for Psychology Today: “What was particularly interesting about this study [the one from January 2020] was that it addressed how dogs reacted and used the smell of a familiar person even if that person was not actually there.”

In the January 2020 trial, if “the person was genuinely there,” the psychologist added, “it would not be definite if the dog actually smelled the person most or might have heard some minor noise the person produced.” Dogs also have enhanced visual and auditory talents.

In the most recent viral video, a dog appears to be suddenly startled by the sound of movement. She’s alive, we don’t have much time, another message was added to the video when the golden retriever stood up from the floor and leaped back onto the couch.


Before the owner cautiously started opening the storage cover, the dog suddenly stood up straight and was observed sniffing around another part of the couch. As the clip came to a close, the animal was seen sticking its head inside the storage area.

Users on TikTok have enjoyed the most recent video, and many have praised the dog for being skilled at hide-and-seek.

WeeDimpleDolly wrote: “I adore playing hide and seek with my puppy,” while TikToker Enoch wrote: “OMG [she] is so smart.”

Golden retriever looking where he's owner is