With the chain of unfortunate events occurring around the world simultaneously, one cannot help but to hope for a silver lining that would tone down, even for a moment, the devastation that is unraveling before our very eyes.

More often that not, it can come in the form of a heartwarming news about a certain incident involving animals and their selfless acts.

At the moment we are hearing one devastation story after the other. We want to present you today with a beautiful heartwarming story. A story that took place in Ukraine a while ago, but is still very worth telling.

A fire broke out created bay a massive exploding in a defence industry company in the city of Donetsk. Flames paired with thick clouds of smoke were rapidly building up into the sky and spreading around. The explosion was so strong, people felt it as far as 5km away.

Residents had to evacuate. While everyone was grabbing their precious belongings and their pets, one pet stood out. One very special dog. In stead of fleeing the burning scene he ran back into the house. Horrified, the owner stood there helpless, unable to return to the house to rescue his pet as the fire grew bigger every second.

As the owner of the house As he watched his house blazed down in angry flames, with the little hope of seeing his dog alive leaving his body and mind, he caught glimpse of a familiar silhouette emerging from the entrance of the house. It was his dog, and in his mouth was a limp kitten who happened to be the family’s pet as well.

The dog and the kitten were best friends. They spend their days playing together, always in each other’s company. So when the fire broke, the dog’s first instinct was to save his best friend rather than himself. The owner was both relieved and amazed at his pet’s brave act.

The kitten was so small and wouldn’t have made it out of the house on its own. Thankfully, his friend realized it and came to rescue. Locals who learned this news were moved. They looked up to the dog as a hero for doing what most humans wouldn’t have been able to do because such a circumstance would put anyone in a state of panic, restricting their ability to think rationally.

The dog forsake his own safety for his little friend and it was all worth it in the end. What do we say? Animals, they just have a way of proving us again and again how deserving they are of our love and attention.