Husband becomes emotional when wife tells him he can keep his foster dog

This poor dog named Toby got thrown out of the streets in South Korea. Toby faced the streets alone, having to face the terrifying reality that South Korea is known for its dog-meat trade.

The dog thankfully found an auto repair shop whose shop owner surrendered him to a shelter.

Unfortunately, the shelter had no room for Toby. It was winter and the place was full so he had to stay outside in the cold.

Toby stayed in the South Korea shelter before flying to the U.S. He was soon assigned to a foster family. A family who had no idea how much Toby would change their lives.

Ann Hoang wanted another dog, but her husband wasn’t too sure about having two, so the couple tried fostering dogs to see if it would work.

Toby arrived and he was just scared and insecure. He refused to come out of his crate. On the rare occasions that he did, the dog would just stand and stare at the Hoangs.

Toby, realizing that his new home was safe and full of love, soon opened up.

“At first, my husband was unsure of Toby because he was very timid and also this was our very first foster experience. However, by the [first] evening, Toby had sat down next to my husband and he looked up at him with his puppy dog eyes, and my husband saw the kindness of God in Toby’s face. Toby seemed to attach to my husband pretty quickly from there on out.” Ann said.

It became clear that Toby belonged with them. The initial plan of fostering him for just a while then adopting another dog suddenly didn’t seem right.

Ann shared: “We had two families who wanted to schedule a meeting with Toby, and when that happened, I just realized how crushed my husband would be without him. It had only been one week but my husband and Toby were inseparable. My husband is such a giving person, always putting others before himself. He’s never really asked for anything or wanted anything badly. Toby was the first experience where I could see he would be heartbroken without him.”

It was customary for someone to do a home check prior to adoption, so Ann told her husband that it was a potential adopter for Toby.

The rescue staff held a card that they were to give to Ann’s husband.

He read the card and as the news sank in, the tears began to flow.
“Oh my goodness, I thought he would be happy but never in a million years did I think he would cry so much. I have never seen him react this way to anything before! He is sensitive but this was more than I’ve ever seen.” Ann recalled.

Everyone in the room began to cry at the wonderful news.

Toby, ever so sweet, sat with his dad to comfort him. What he didn’t know was that it was all for him.

Watch the emotional video below!

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