Huskies React to Mom Coming Home from Disneyland

Dogs miss us when we leave the house for a couple of days. They are very intuitive therefore they can understand when we are about to leave, and hold the door closed, because they think we will not go. During the time that the owner is aways, the dog misses his presence very much. They feel sad, don’t eat sometimes, or stay by the door and wait for their mommy to come back home!

In this video you will see an excited Husky dog greeting his mommy after being two long weeks apart. I can tell that they both missed each-other, but the dog shows his emotions more than the girl. It is adorable to think of the love these adorable creatures have for us, and I think we are entirely blessed to have them as our loyal, lovely companions. Without them life would not be the same, and we would not be the same! Than you dogs for existing!