Husky dragged her owner into the forest by force. The dog dived into the box and took out 7 kittens one by one

Whitney Bralee is a disabled woman living in Menlo, Georgia. She is a mother of 3 children and a 3-year-old Husky named Banner. Banner helped the woman very much.

One day, Whitney was out on a walk with her dog Banner when out of the blue Banner began to bark and pull her clothes. The husky made the woman understand that something was not ok and she needed that Whitney accompanied her.

So Banner and Whitney made their way to the forest. Soon the woman noticed a box left in the bushes. The careful Hsku dived her head into the box and took 7 little kittens out of it. At first, Whitney thought they were dead as theyw ere almost motionless but soon she took themall to her house and fed them.

Whitney thought that it would be difficult to care for all of them but Banner was there to support her. The kind Husky kept her eye on teh little ones and became a true mother for them.