Husky Puppy Has Found A Best Bud In This Owl

This rare and unusual friendship is definitely a sight to see! Check out these two buddies lounging around the house. Amazing!

We have spoken about these unusual friendships for a very long time. Still, every time we see one such curious duo, our hearts overflow with love and admiration. Imagine putting all your differences aside and actually letting someone get close to you? What an incredible feeling! That is exactly what happened between a Siberian Husky and a Snow Owl. Who knows what might have happened in the wild, but in this domestic environment, this dog and this bird are best of friends!

In the home of Igor, who lives in Ivanovo in Russia, N’usha the Snow Owl and Ilona the Husky have learned to live in peace and harmony. Sure, they may not the best playmates, what with Ilona’s four legs and N’usha’s sharp claws. But they don’t necessarily have to play catch together in order to be best buds. Sitting together on the floor in incredibly close proximity also counts, you know!

They are not the only ones either! Ingo the Belgian Shepherd also has a very peculiar buddy in the shape of one very photogenic little owlet called Napoleon, or Poldi for short. The two are incredibly close and live together in the home of photographer Tanja Brandt in Germany. The photographer dedicated to wildlife photography says that while other dogs might have seen poldi and a tasty little snack, Ingo took the bird right away, as if it were his own puppy. Simply marvelous!