Husky-raised kitten thinks that he is a dog

In the town of San Jose in the USA, three huskies took care of a little kitten. This unusual story was so interesting and funny that all the local and then the international press began to write about it.

And the Instagram account of the dogs Miko, Infiniti, Lilo and their girlfriends, the kitty Rosie, breaks records for popularity on the network.

Three months old Rosie was extremely malnourished and according to the owner, there was almost no chance of survival.
However, the owners decided to take the risk and put her with the leader of the dog pack, Lilo, who does not have the opportunity to have his own puppies.

The dog immediately felt a spiritual kinship with the kitten and showed miracles of love and care towards him, never leaving her for a second.

The childless husky Lilo began to take care of the kitten as if it were her own cub.Love and care saved the life of the little girl, and she, who grew up among dogs, copies their behavior in everything, playing with dogs, walking on a leash, eating and relaxing with huskies.

The owners say that Rosie adopted the typical characteristics of this breed, such as courage and lack of fear of water.