Husky Refuses To Take Shower, Vocally Argues With Owner

Someone really hates bath time! What a hilarious argument between this Husky and his owner. The husky’s owner tells him its time to take a shower but he really doesn’t want to. He starts to verbally argue back, walking in the opposite direction of the bathroom. As he continues to argue back, his owner is getting frustrated with him, why doesn’t he want to go in the shower? He hates bath time! He continues to shake his head, not moving any closer to the door.


Even better, he now decides to lay down. This husky is not helping his case right now, his owner is just going to get more frustrated with him. He looks back up at her, quickly gets up, and starts to bark again. It’s a never ending circle! It looks like he wants to jump on the bed, sleep looks much more appealing than bath time! Eventually, he finally walks through the door, hooray! False alarm, he quickly runs right back to the spot he was originally in, oh boy!

Sometimes it is hard to wash our pets because they can detest the sensation of being wet and aren’t really in the mood for shower. We all know that dogs love to play, but this husky is on another level! With probably some of the most energy you’ve seen in a dog, this big guy runs all over the living room, jumping from place to place with a few pauses in between. You can bet that it would take a long time for this adorable husky to get in the shower as owner demands. The adorable pooch is seen protesting getting wet in the most adorable way!

It is going to take a lot of convincing to get him to go into the shower, maybe he needs some delicious treats! After getting spoiled, he might consider washing up, wouldn’t that be a sight to see! Hilarious!