Husky Reunited With Owner After Being Kidnapped Months Before

Snow is an adorable little husky pup living in Florida.

Unfortunately, she spent two months away from her owner after she fell victim to a dognapping.

It was a traumatic ordeal, but the moment that Snow saw her owner again, she was purely elated to be back home. It was as if she’d never been dognapped in the first place.

As Sergeant Grisell Fernandez of the Miami-Dade Police Department shared with The Dodo, Snow’s disappearance is still under investigation. However, it was quite heartwarming to watch her reunite with her owner.

That was all made possible thanks to the hard work of Fernandez who spent those two months determined to bring Snow home. As Fernandez stated about the search, “It became personal.”

Fernandez further stated to The Dodo, “I felt super happy. Kinda still don’t believe it, but super happy my persistence paid off.”

Watch the touching moment in the clip below: