“I promise to come back…” The man was forced to leave his beloved pit bull in the shelter, but after 4 months he fulfilled his promise

One day, Lewis Jimenez from Austin was experiencing serious financial difficulties.

In addition to these problems, the landlord forbade the man to keep a dog in the apartment.

This was a big blow for Lewis, because pit bull Titus was not just a pet for him, but a real friend.

The man was informed that if a dog stayed in the house, Lewis would be immediately evicted.

Lewis asked friends and family to temporarily shelter a pit bull, but everyone had reasons to refuse.

Then the man was forced to take a desperate step. He had to take Titus to an animal shelter.

Lewis promised the shelter staff that he would definitely take the pet back as soon as he solved his problems, but no one believed in that.

“We hear such words almost every day, but in fact no one ever comes back…” – said the shelter’s staff.

Lewis was persistent and persuaded animal rights activists to postpone the search for new owners for the pit bull.

He took Titus as a young puppy and always considered him his closest friend.

The next few months, the man was actively involved in solving his financial problems. But this did not prevent him from regularly visiting his pet.

And so, after 4 months, Lewis came to the orphanage to take Titus home!

The man kept his promise and returned for the dog.

“Yesterday we had a very special day. Titus left for his new home with his beloved owner. As soon as Lewis’s problems were resolved, he immediately took the pet! ”, – shared the staff of the shelter.

It was a very emotional moment for everyone, especially for Lewis, who did not hide his joy.

“Titus is a wonderful dog. He always understands when I’m sad, and tries to cheer me up! “Says Lewis.

It was a very long 4 months for Lewis and his pet, but now it’s over! They are together again.