Injured Cat Rescued After Being Thrown Out In A Backpack Transformed Into A Diva

Today, we are here to share the story of Hiro, who’s a strong beautiful cat but had the worst experience.
As shocking as it may be, a woman in Alberta, Canada, never expected that one simple daily task of throwing trash would

completely bring about an impactful change in her life. One day, she was taking out her trash as usual when she saw an uncanny movement inside a backpack from the corner of her eye sitting in the garbage can. Worried and concerned, she opened the backpack to check what was all that movement about and was extremely shocked to find a very weak and miserable feline.

This poor animal was gravely injured and desperately needed care and attention, so she quickly called Alberta Animal Services, who immediately rushed the cat to its facility. The vets quickly realized that the cat had been a survivor of severe abuse. Furthermore, an examination revealed that the cat had been suffocated, which led to him having neurological issues and blindness. Moreover, not only was he blind but had a broken pelvis and was suffering from starvation.


“The poor cat had severe head trauma, and no one was certain if he would make it,” Erica Coomber, director of operations for Alberta Animal Services. It was clearly uncertain if the cat would even make it. However, with the help of vets and their determination to save the cat, he began to regain his eye-sight. He proved to be a fighter and the strongest cat. We hope that with the right care, he can regain all his senses back and get completely healthy!

1. This is how this unfortunate animal was found.

2. This poor creature.

3. He is the strongest cat, and he knows it!

4. Atta boy!

5. Getting the much-deserved love.

6. He’s feeling a little better!

7. I can stand tall now!

8. Gaining the hooman’s trust!

9. He was finally able to move past the trauma.

10. He could walk and feel alive again!

Hiro is a fighter, and he is not only a survivor but a ‘Hiro’ who does not need a cape. He defied all odds and stood back up on his paws. He showed that from getting found in a trash can to walking again, he is not going to back down. He is full of life and love despite his hard circumstances. Coomber told that despite the cruelty, he loves everyone and demands affection from the staff at the animal care center. A post on the AAS Facebook page said, “As soon [as he] hears or sees the animal nurses he starts purring and demands cuddles.” He was given the name ‘Hiro’ from a TV show called ‘Heroes’ because he proved to everyone that he is one and nothing can take his title away.

This story is not only inspiring but also shows how strong this little kitty was, he fought against all odds and proved to everyone that he deserved the title. Let us know what you think about Hiro’s rescue story in the comment section!