It may help prevent dog dementia!

It may help prevent dog dementia!

Think video games are just for humans? Think again. Your dog may be able to get in on the action soon, too.Joipaw, a start-up company in Hong Kong, is creating a series of video games designed to give your dog cognitive stimulation, help with separation anxiety and prevent canine

cognitive dysfunction, or doggy dementia.The touchscreen games (controlled by your dog’s nose!) include one similar to “whack-a-mole” and a counting test in which the dog chooses which side of the screen has more bubbles.While the games are still in the prototype phase, the goal is

pretty impressive, right?Dersim Advar, cofounder of Joipaw, was inspired to create video games for dogs after his own dog, Kawet, began experiencing separation anxiety.“We simply didn’t find a solution that could keep our dog busy and stimulated when we couldn’t take care of

him, and we felt very guilty of having to say no when he wanted to play because we had work,” Advar told Daily Mail.After reading a study where elderly dogs played games on a touchscreen to help prevent cognitive decline, Advar decided to create his own dog video game — and keep his

dog busy and stimulated at the same time.The result is a mental workout that can last up to half an hour.The team of video game developers has also developed a tracker for collars that records the dog’s physical activity, with the goal of becoming “Apple Health, but for dogs,” according to

Advar.The games can also alert you if any abnormal cognitive behavior is detected and then share that information with your dog’s veterinarian. Joipaw also plans to include a camera and a microphone with the games for dog parents who want to keep an eye on their pets when they’re

out of the house.While the team is still working out the kinks, a console and collar tracker can be reserved online already and will be shipped when “inventory is available.”One goal for the video game system? A chance for dogs to play against their parents, with a leaderboard comparing different puppy players. How fun is that? We’re in!