It’s a heartfelt moment. When a cub cuddles and plays with its mother, it is charming.

A wildlife photographer just captured the incredible moment of a cub giving its mother the most gentle cuddles. The mother and cub share a brief emotional moment in which the youngster appears to be cuddling the lioness.

Thankfully, a photographer was around at the perfect time to capture the stunning picture on camera. The 41-year-old photographer witnessed a mother and son having the cutest moment as he was observing them. Despite the fact that the photograph is as stunning as it can be, she said that the entire situation was quite stressful.

The cubs received plenty of time with their moms and were allowed to play freely. The mother of the youngster the lioness was playing with, the photographer stated. She remarked that despite her extensive experience as a photographer, she had never had the chance to have such a close encounter with lions.

She said, “It’s one of the most intriguing and pleasurable lessons I’ve learned about nature.” I couldn’t wait to spend the whole hour watching the lions till dusk.