Its fur was entirely matted and filthy, and its health was in poor shape.

Despite the worst act of disdain, rejection, and sadness on the part of her own family: they left her to her own devices, a dwarf cat who was also blind was determined to survive.

There are humans that are born with flaws, but this account demonstrates that these purported “factory faults” have no bearing on pleasure, let alone the will to survive. The same is true with special-needs animals, who, through their struggle and persistence, may teach us the most valuable lessons.

Her initial owners didn’t have faith in her. They didn’t realize Giselle was a fighter, and because they didn’t know how to care for her, they placed her in a care center run by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( MSPCA ).

When the MSPCA specialists saw Giselle, they shared her owners’ belief that she would not live. Its fur was entirely matted and filthy, and its health was in poor shape.

The animal shelter’s manager, Alyssa Krieger, noticed something unique in Giselle. She was not only a cat that wanted to live a regular life, but she also had an enticing personality. This “little giant” was ready to find a new home after a haircut and thorough care.

When Alyssa announced they were seeking for a decent home for Giselle on social media, she got almost 3,000 adoption petitions, with Holly’s proposal being picked. She already had a mother who was waiting for her to provide her the love and respect she deserved:

Giselle had finally discovered her happy place! Holly changed her name to Potato and introduced her to her three cat brothers, Jack, Lady, and Little Sister, all of which have shown her great affection.

Potato has won the hearts of over 156 thousand people on his Instagram account, who can witness the videos of this cute cat. His little legs and blindness do not stop him from racing around and playing with his brothers.

He also had wonderful love experiences with his owner, Holly. When it’s time for some love, Potato approaches her and falls on her feet.

Holly grabs her in her arms and offers her all the attention and protection she requires without hesitation, understanding that all pets, whatever of their looks, deserve to be cherished.

Potato is the protagonist of yet another happy ending tale. Despite being born with all odds stacked against him, he was able to locate the right place to call home and live happily ever after.