It’s time to say goodbye. The man took his lovely dog to the very last journey in his life

These touching pictures show how a man takes his sick dog for “One Final Adventure”. He had little time left to live and he was in a wheelchair.

This man’s name is Carlos, who spent all the sad and happy days of his life with his faithful dog, Monti. They have many wonderful memories together.

They were connected by an inexplicable connection. Unfortunately, his beloved dog was diagnosed with leukemia.

His master did his best to cure him and began to fight against it with various medicines and a number of chemotherapies. But unfortunately nothing helped.

Knowing that his best friend did not have much time left, he decided to spend time with his favorite hobbies.

They went on their last journey together. They climbed the Pen Fan peak in the Brecon Beacons, where they played and had fun together.

It is so touching to see how the owner takes his sick dog in the tracks of the final happy adventure in his wheelchair.

They stayed there for a week with some friends and had an unforgettable time together.

All who were there supported the man,and his best friend.

One week later, unfortunately, Monti passed away.

Carlos was in an unbearably bad condition and felt inexplicably sad. He will never forget his beloved dog, with whom he spent all the happy and sad days of his life.

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