Jerk Walking Past Cleft Palate Puppy Tells Him He’s The Ugliest Dog

One Pit Bull, named Trip, hasn’t been treated fairly by humans. Trip’s mom, Heather, explains in the video below that some jerk walking past Trip took one look at the Pittie and said that Trip is “one of the ugliest dogs.” But Heather thinks Trip is “beautiful!”

Heather tells Trip as much as possible: “You are special. You are unique. You are meant to be here.” Both dog and mom are amazing souls!

Screenshot via YouTube
Trip came to Heather as a puppy. She was a foster volunteer for NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. Breeders in the area were known to put cleft palate puppies down so veterinarians stepped in and recommended the rescue organization as an alternative. Trip’s breeder agreed to let NorCal help. This decision saved Trip’s life. The pup, soon after moving in with Heather, became a foster fail.

Trip is a healthy boy but he has to be on a special diet for his cleft palate. Heather goes on to say that Trip’s name is fitting. He’s a trip because he’s a funny guy and he will often trip you when you’re walking. This dog is nothing short of adorable! Rumor has it… he’s also a champ at snoring. We are beyond elated that Trip ended up in such a loving home.