Kind Cops Rescue Two Pit Bulls And Comforts They Who Were Abandoned On The Street!

Two Pit Bulls Were Cuddled Up Together By The Side Of The Road.💖

4:30 a.m. when Patrick Hennessey came across something incredibly unexpected – two pit bulls, abandoned and waiting in the middle of the road.

One of whom was injured and clearly in need of help. The man immediately called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and soon, two police officers arrived at the scene.

When the officers approached the strays, both pups licked and rubbed up against them as if to thank them.

Rescuers Named Them Justice And Liberty.💖

The officers deduced that the stray must have been struck ‘b.y a car’, and then they quickly did what they could to stop the ‘’.

While one officer applied gauze and pressure to the strays wound, the other contacted Orange County Animal Services.

The officers arrived to take the dogs off the street and safely into their care.

The officers hugged the cold and shivering pups to warm them up, and did everything they could to comfort them while they waited for help to arrive.

They’re doing so much better than they were when they were all alone in the middle of the road. As soon as they were rescued they stopped being scared, and had nothing but love to give to the shelter staff.

Thanks to the patience and kindness of the police officers, the two pups had grown less scared, and once they were brought to the shelter, both pit bulls were nothing but happy, loving, and grateful.

Both dogs are currently in isolation due to their injuries and their traumatic ordeal.

These two ladies are now safe and thriving in our care.


Now seems like the happiest pups in the world.💖

God Bless the Police officers that rescued those two puppies! Such a selfless act of kindness!🙏💖