Lost and lonely puppy offers bread to humans in hope of rescue

Rachael from Sidewalk Specials in South Africa recently rescued a starving little stray puppy by offering him a slice of bread. Unfortunately, the poor animal was left behind. However, the cute little one wagged his tail and was very happy to find the rescue team.

Although the puppy was hungry, he still wanted to share his piece of bread. Rachael believed that they were just in the nick of time for him. The poor puppy had been living scared and alone for almost a week.

His absolutely positive attitude kept him going. The puppy spent the first night at the vet, and the next day he got the clearance to go to the fosters. So the little one was with a foster family for a week before being adopted.

Freya adopted the little puppy when he was 9-weeks-old. She decided to name him Gunnar. The cute animal now had a loving mom. He opened up to everyone in the family as soon as he arrived.

She felt like he was very thankful to Freya for adopting and taking care of him. Gunnar had probably never seen a lawn before. But, he was super curious about everything and wanted to find new things.

When he went to the beach after several years, he dug holes and ran as long as possible. He had a steady routine: run, sniff, and return with a ball or a stone. Gunnar had this rock obsession when Freya adopted him.

He would search for a suitable rock and bring it to Freya as if he was gifting it to her. Gunnar was definitely the owner’s little rockstar. After Gunnar’s owner started to foster dogs, he was happy to have play buddies. He was naturally friendly and inquisitive. He would always show them around. Even after he grew up, he was still a happy little creature.