Mama Dog Hesitates At First, Then Leads Rescuers To Where She Had Given Birth


In the bleakest of winter, “Northeast Animal Rescue” received an urgent call about a forlorn pup living near an overpass. She lived in perpetual danger; seeking sustenance from vehicles that traversed her home along this bustling roadway.

Will, a dedicated rescuer, braved the snow-covered roads in an effort to save Sierra from peril. In this heartwarming video we witness Will’s heroic mission as he journeys across treacherous terrain before ultimately rescuing the fragile pup and bringing her back home to safety.

After a fleeting moment of observation, Will understood that Sierra was nursing and had likely given birth recently in the vicinity. He rapidly connected with her to encourage her to bring him close to meet her newborns.


At first, Sierra felt unsure and hesitant; however her hope overpowered her anxiety as she realized that Will meant well. She started running through the dusty fields with full assurance, occasionally glancing back to make sure Will was still following suit.

Without a second thought, she disappeared behind an old culvert. Will swiftly knelt down and crawled into the dark alley, much to his pleasure as he discovered Sierra’s puppies safely tucked away in the dim chamber!



At first Will believed that Sierra would instinctively take care of her litter herself, but he was mistaken. She began to wag her tail and whimper softly when she saw him, as if pleading with him to save her babies.

Will was humbled by the gesture and carefully made his way into the tunnel. He retrieved each of Sierra’s five babies (two boys, three girls) with her keeping a watchful eye at his legs during this delicate mission!

Excitedly, Sierra hopped into the crate as soon as she was reassured that her beloved puppies were secure. Now she is being a “dutiful” mama at the shelter and appears incredibly thankful for their timely rescue!